Soft landing cylinders (SLC)

The unique patented Soft Landing Cylinder from EAB Engineering AS, is an impact damper helping to reduce the impact load when landing structures subsea. The Soft Landing Cylinder also secures that the final touchdown speed is not exceeded in case of failure of the heave compensation system.

Soft Landing Cylinder comes in a wide range of sizes with capacities up 550Te (on each cylinder w/ landing speed 0,5 m/s) 

SLC Product description      

The EAB Soft landing Cylinder is using seawater as working medium and damping is achieved by throttling sea water through a pattern of holes in the cylinder wall and is optimized for each case.

The cylinder fills up automatically when sub­merged and does not need to be connected to any external system, hydraulics or accumulators. The system can be used at any depth without pre-adjustment.

Using 4 off cylinders, structures up to 2200Te can be installed.

The cylinders can also be configured in many ways to suit customer`s needs with the following options:

Top flange/bottom flange

With/without bucket **

With/without transport security

Threaded/clearance holes in the flange

Cylinder housing material: Carbon Steel, Du­plex and Super Duplex

270mm and 500mm stroke

The EAB Soft Landing Cylinder has an extensive delivery track record, starting from 2004, with more than 1000 delivered units.

EAB Soft Landing Cylinder is preferred by the most common subsea system suppliers in the oil and gas industry.

 ** bucket is needed if test on-shore is required

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Connection System

Connection System

EAB Soft Landing System

EAB Soft Landing System

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