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General information

Gjøvik is located by lake Mjøsa, approximately 120 km north of the capital, Oslo. It is accessible from south by road on RV33 and RV4 and also by train.

Nearest airport is Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen (OSL), approx 100 km south of Gjøvik. It’s not possible to go directly to Gjøvik by train from OSL, but bus connection is available ( is also possible, but at considerable cost. Rental car (with GPS) is however recommended.

Driving to Gjøvik from OSL will take approx 1 h 30 min – 1 h 45 min depending on traffic and driving conditions. See maps on page two for more detailed directions and general map information.

If you connect from Oslo city/downtown, it’s also possible to use train from the main station. Please note that Gjøvik is on the west side of lake Mjøsa, and connections from Hamar (east side) and Lillehammer (north end) is relatively time consuming and inconvenient by public transportation (bus only). Driving time between Lillehammer/Hamar and Gjøvik is approx. 35-45 minutes.

Address of office:

Studievegen 16, 2815 GJØVIK (close to HIG/Gjøvik University - on the campus)


Please note that the road and address is relatively new, - taxidrivers and locals may not know its name and/or directions. Also not found in GPS-systems for the time being, but “Merkantilvegen 3” is very close and can be used as refrence.


Nearest hotels:

Quality Hotel Strand and Comfort Hotel Grand, both in Gjøvik and within minutes of driving distance.

Safety information

Safety induction will be given upon start of the visit.

Personal Protective Equipment

EAB Engineering AS does mainly have office activities, and no PPE is normally required. If visiting our connecting test facilities, PPE will be provided to you along with special safety brief. If visitors accompany EAB personnel to sub-suppliers, PPE may be mandatory and will in most cases be provided on site.

Visitors may in some cases be required to bring their own PPE, - this will be communicated ahead as part of the invitation. Normal PPE for visitors in such cases is safety shoes, safety glasses and hard hat.

Contact information

Telephone: +47 611 84140 / Mail: /

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